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Studio 201, CRAFT CENTRAL 
397-411 Westferry Road 
E14 3AE 

Duration&Time: 6.5 hours 10 AM - 5PM with 30min lunch break. Please arrive 15min prior to the workshop start. 

Class Level: Beginners to Intermediate

Class size: 1-4 persons

Tools & Materials: Tools and materials are provided for use in the class. You may bring your own tools if you wish. 





Wax-carving is a valuable skill for anyone who is a designer maker in the jewellery business and the workshop offers a completely hands-on experience with Thuyha and a chance to make your own design that is suited to your needs. This course is suitable for anyone who is time poor and wish to achieve the basics as well as improvers to more advanced techniques within a  short time. The workshop will we kept at a maximum of 4 students to maximise quality learning experience and individual attention. 



The course will cover the following.

  • How the lost wax casting process work
  • Introduction to various tools and different types of wax used in wax carving
  • How to prepare your wax & transfer your designs on to wax before carving
  • How to carve from a block of wax
  • Texturing techniques
  • Finishing techniques and sprue-up your work for casting
  • Make several wax samples
  • Personalise your own designs and much more


Please note that this course teaches wax carving only. After the workshop, you can have your wax creation cast into silver at extra cost. The casting charge will vary on the size of the wax plus the weight and price of metal. When your silver creation comes back it will have to be cleaned and polished before wearing. You can either do this yourself or, I can do this for you at additional charge.


Wax-carving 1 Day Intensive Workshop

PriceFrom £150.00
  • Lost Wax casting has been used in ancient times and continued today to make jewellery and sculptures. It is a process where a piece of wax is either carved or moulded to the desired shape and then cast into metal. The cast metal piece is then cleaned and polished as a finished piece of jewellery or object. Wax carving is an effective method of making jewellery, which requires little space to work and minimum tools. You can achieve intricate details using various tools to shape your work. Jewellery wax is affordable and readily available, any mistakes can easily be modified before casting or it can be reused. It is ideal for aking complex organic, curvilinear forms, sweeping curves, and most anything that is difficult to construct directly from metal. Unlike working directly with metal, wax is a pliable material that you can cut away or build it up by applying molten wax, allowing you to be as creative as you want, without the fear of making an expensive mistake. 

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