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Ha’s jewellery is an expression of love for art, sculpture, nature and organic forms often inspired by travels and curiosity about people and culture. Ha admires the work of Line Vautrin, Japanese netsuke, Jade carvings and Art Nouveau for their artistic intricacy and sense of narrative. Ha’s work is underpinned by an innate sense of balance, harmony, and graceful beauty. Originality, refined craftsmanship and attention to details are integral to her work. Drawing on her extensive experience working with jewellery and gemstones and her passion for wax carving, which evolved and flourished whilst working with renowned silversmith Jocelyn Burton. Ha’s work and talent was later recognised by the Artworker’s Guild via invitation to join as an associated member in 2014. Ha aims to create jewellery that brings constant joy to the wearer and cherished as wearable sculptures worthy to be passed on as future heirlooms.

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