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This contemporary bold statement ring is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted by Ha. A clever matrix structure that is comprised of fine silver wire encompasses a beautiful matrix turquoise cabachon balanced on a simple halo band. You can see the making of this ring on my Instagram post.


It is one of a kind and is ready to dispatch.

Turquoise Matrix Ring

    • Original design
    • Handmade in London
    • Full UK quality hallmark
    • Solid sterling silver 925 and turquoise stone
    • Dispatch from an independent UK designer/business
    • Weight 18.8g total with gemstone
    • Matrix 30x22mm
    • Band 3mm halo (currently in size K but can be adjusted)
    • All jewellery comes complete with a gift box
    • One of a kind
    Ideally you should visit your nearest jeweller and have your finger measured professionally using a ring sizer to make sure it is completely accurate. If you are not able to do this, then you can try other methods.

    Find another ring that fits and measure the diameter inside the ring. This is the widest point of the circle when you draw a line straight through the centre of the ring as illustrated below. 
    Or you can cut a strip of paper about 1.5cm wide and wrap this around your finger in a complete circle and mark with a pen where the paper overlaps. You may need a friend or someone to help you to do this. Measure the length from the end to the pen mark which is the equivalent to the circumference of the ring, from which we can estimate your finger size.

    Please be aware that this is a guide only and we cannot be held responsible for any sizing inaccuracies. Dependent on the time of the day or the weather, your finger size may change. Fingers will shrink when cold and swells up when warm. If your knuckles are wider than your finger, ensure that the size you provide will fit over your knuckles.

    We strongly recommend that you get your finger measured professionally for a perfect fit. 


    UK Ring Size - Measurement
    G – 45.5mm
    H – 46.7mm
    I – 48mm
    J – 48.7mm
    K – 49.9mm
    L – 51.2mm
    M – 52.5mm
    N – 53.8mm
    O – 55mm
    P – 56.3mm
    Q – 57.6mm
    R – 58.9mm
    S – 60.1mm
    T – 61.4mm
    U – 62.7mm
    V – 64mm
    W – 65.2mm
    X – 66.5mm

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